Menstrual Hygiene in INDIA is vital to the health, well-being, dignity, and empowerment of women and girls. However, the issue of menstrual hygiene has been neglected in our society. Today in India, over 75% of the menstruating women do not have access to sanitary napkins and many more do not have any information regarding the same. Cultural perceptions and myths have etched their way into our society over the years and have impacted women in a negative way, often leading to misinformation and the promotion of dangerous menstrual hygiene practices. Moreover, In the absence of these napkins, many resorts to using leaves, ash, bark, newspapers, cotton cloths, etc. which could potentially lead to several health problems


Through Promise, we intend to make a positive change: to make an effort towards embedding measures within society to promote menstrual hygiene. By supplying sanitary napkins to the underprivileged girls and conducting workshops in multiple areas so that women can practice safe menstruation. I believe that every menstruating girl/woman has the right to safe menstrual products and knowledge on the same.

So, please support our cause so that we can reach out to more and more girls/women and help them menstruate in dignity.


Goal and Vision

  1. Promote better awareness amongst all genders to overcome embarrassment, cultural practices, taboos around the topic.

  2. To reach out to as many underprivileged girls as possible and Supplying sanitary napkins to the underprivileged girls

  3. To put in place a system to ensure a regular supply of sanitary napkins to the organizations.

  4. To ensure access to information on this topic and form a reliable source ( by conducting workshops)

  5. To provide facilities to hygienically dispose of sanitary napkins.

  6. Conducting workshops for these girls.

  7. To implement these, we have a strong core team that ensures that everything goes smoothly.

So we thought of giving away FREE SANITARY NAPKINS to 25 village women and girls, for this we need INR 1000/- per woman per year.

Kindly support our cause by donating and sharing our fundraiser.